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Saeri Wilde


A powerhouse of personal insight, growth and transformation.  Formally trained in Human Design, Forrest Yoga, Reiki & Clairvoyance, she has a unique ability to see below the surface, to see beneath the mask most of us put on to hide who we are, to feel safe, to stay small. In her yoga classes Saeri offers skilled optional hands-on assists, clear cuing for all levels, safe sequencing and journey-style guidance that supports students to come into a healing trance for deeper sweeter communion of Spirit in Body. 


Through her business, Innerglowing Sanctuary, she offers alchemical life coaching, a patronage community with access to her latest workshops & playdates and her extensive writings on initiation into authentic beingness and all around inspiration for humaning with empowerment, wonder and flow.  When she's not teaching, coaching and writing, she's spending time with her magical daughter Soleil, composting crab-grass into fertile garden and making pretty things out of bendy little branches. If you'd like to explore going deeper with Saeri's support, text her to request a link to book a virtual playdate with her.

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