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RA (Anthony Ross)


I am Ra. Ra is the Netjer (One of the multiple forms of Divinity from Kemet) of light, life, and heat, and the power inherent in the Sun. Ra rose from Nu and sung the song of creation. The song of creation in my opinion, is Breath. Spirit comes from the Latin Word Espiritu, meaning Breath. We are all In-Spired Beings (Breath filled) of an In-Spired Universe (Breath filled, Eternal Song)

I am a Breathwork Facilitator, Poet and Music Artist. I am certified through Soma Breathwork, but share a flow and philosophy that I have crafted from various schools of thought (Kemetic <Ancient African>, Taoist, Hindu) while considering our current scientific understandings of the breath and what is ideal.

This is a much slower technique that builds more breath and body awareness, with the intention of cultivating overall mindfulness (using the breath and body <posture>) throughout the day (weeks, months, years). The last portion of the practice is used to exercise mental skills (focus and gratitude) and intention.

Breathwork has been a potent tool for me in my Life journey, as well as it has been a game changer for my music creation and performance abilities. Hip Hop, was my initial medicine, and brought me back to the Breath. The Breath brought new Life through my music and this is a process that continually unfolds.

Along with Breathwork classes and workshops, I will be offering workshops on cultivating creativity, harnessing the affirmative and healing powers of the Spoken Word in Humboldt, abroad and online. I also offer 1 on 1 sessions, in person and online as well as for small groups, in person and online. Inquire for pricing.

Feel free to contact me by

email @,

by text at 669-285-7814 (please text first) 

Peace, Prosperity and Divine In-Spiration to You.

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