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Monique Riofrio


Monique’s journey into yoga started in 2011 when she began her exploration of Vinyasa. Feeling very connected to the philosophy of yoga and the mind-quieting effects of the practice, she decided to take a 200 hour teacher training in 2015 from Cathy Conners. She initially just wanted to have a better home practice. She had no intention of teaching.
The transformation that took place with the learning of Himalayan Kundalini (Sattva Yoga) was all encompassing to Monique’s very being. She wanted to learn more after being transformed and broken open to her true self. Realizing that she now had the tools to heal herself of life long traumas, she understood that she could also help others discover this too. The path led her to find a way to help others, something that she was searching for.

The more and more Monique learned about Himalayan Kundalini the more she opened and fell in love with the practice and herself. She went on to take her 300 hr training less then 2 years later. In this training she discovered that she loved teaching. She embraced this new role and a whole new world began to unfold. She is now teaching her own classes, appearing as a guest teacher for teacher trainings, working as a Spiritual Life Coach and starting to lead retreats.

Monique and her husband relocated to Trinidad, CA in February 2020 with no intention of making northern California they're permanent home. As the world went through a great shift, she felt called to step up and teach via zoom to help people move through what was happening around them. Becoming part of an amazing community of local women, she was drawn to put down some roots in Humboldt County.Monique is here to help people release past traumas and conditionings that hold them back from being their most authentic self. She does this by sharing her journey and using many different yogic tools. She is also very passionate about helping people with addictions, specifically alcoholism.

She has been on the sober path for the past 10 years after suffering from alcohol and drug addiction for fourteen years and has not looked back once. With her experience and knowledge of what leads one to this place in their lives, she has been able to help and support many people on their new found path of sobriety.

Monique is also a multi-medium artist, and enjoys pugs and traveling.

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