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About our Memberships


Soul Membership 

The Soul Membership is designed for anyone looking to deepen their self healing journey. The Soul Membership includes:

  • Soul Activation Experience (w/ co-founders Amelia, Chazelle and Monique)

  • Aerial Soul Activation (w/ co-founders Amelia, Chazelle and Monique)

  • Sound Healing Journey (w/ Numinous sound healing band)

  • Meditative Himalayan Kundalini (w/ Monique) 

  • 20% off Quantum Soul Alchemy session w/ Amelia (one per month)

  • 20% off private Sound Healing session w/ Chazelle (one per month)

  • 20% off private session w/ Monique (one per month)


The intention of this membership offering is to allow you greater access to the healing modalities offered by the co-founders of the Crystalline Collective studio. By packaging all of the offerings listed above into this bundle, we can lower the cost and make them more accessible for you. Total value of this membership package:

Please email us at with any questions.

Wellness Coach

Healer Membership 

The Healer Membership is designed for healers local to Humboldt County.

This membership is for you if you are looking to:

  1. Reach more people/connect with more clients

  2. Grow your business authentically

  3. Connect with other healers in the community

  4. Heal yourself more deeply so that you can step fully into your power


The Healer membership includes:

  • Being featured on the Crystalline Collective website in our Healers Database for the year (365 days from date of payment) of your membership (feature includes one photo, your personal bio, and contact info you would like to include such as your phone number, email, website, social media, YouTube, etc.)

  • Participation in a monthly mastermind group for spiritual entrepreneurs (date and time TBD)

  • Usage of the Crystalline Collective studio for a discounted rate (inquire)

  • 20% off private sessions with the co-founders of the CC (Sound Healing, Life Coaching, Quantum Soul Alchemy)


The monthly mastermind groups will be held in person at the Crystalline Collective studio on Day & Time

Zoom is also an option. Recordings will also be available if you can’t make it live.


The intention of this membership offering is to create a network of healers in our community so that we can uplift and support each other through the growth of our individual healing practices. We each carry our own unique healing medicine. Two people could offer the same healing modality but will attract different clients based on their own unique energetic signature. There is no need for competition… TOGETHER WE RISE!!!


Please email us at with any questions.

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