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Our oceans, our forests contain a mystical depth, mother nature’s pulse dances inside us all, allow yourself the freedom to hear it’s call. I began dance education at age 2 as movement is the fluid of my soul. I then fell in love with yoga as a kid practicing with my mom for fun n sillies. In my 20s I dove deeper into my practice & made it a more regular part of my life. It’s been in my 30s that I’ve realized I need yoga, body & mind to survive.


I leaned into yoga as a major part of healing my severe digestive issues. I found Ayurveda, Vegan nutrition and have calmed the raging river of my health to a patient flow. Yoga has become fundamental in my life. It grounds my unease, soothes my overactive mind, penetrates my connectedness with self and allows me to function from a place of gratitude. I’ve also felt these great benefits through regular meditation. In practice I find nourishment that I can’t get anywhere else. It has to come from within.


It has taken years for me to realize yoga is a gift to be given and shared. I received my YTT 200 right here in Humboldt with the inspiring Jason Calsyn & amazing Yatri Sol by my side every step of the way with such compassionate, loving kindness. Open the flood gates, discover the river beneath the river. I’d love to share this gift with you through yoga.


~ Be well, Jillian 


Private yoga sessions on sliding scale

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