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Clairese Mayo


Clair- Ease (clarity, clairvoyance) 

Clairese is an artist, resonating Creatrix: a female who produces, creates and brings forth. 

She is a passionate ritual facilitator who is dedicated to offering space for mindful movement that accesses divinity through discovery.Claire sees we have a right and responsibility to be our own healers. This is an exploratory journey to empower, liberate, and inspire each other in community. This journey is beneficial to developing and/or maturing our perception, our relationships, and our collective.
It is understood that everybody has different shapes and forms yet we are all made of the same materials! Claire guides us to explore our uniqueness as our true nature.
A philosophical perspective shows us our willingness manifests into the physical realm just as our physical ease generates our spiritual experience. 
Her intention is to strengthen our observation, transmute energy, and regain our power in remembrance that we have access to all. 

Claire encourages us to express our truth and to live in mystery, maintaining a beginner's mind. Therefore we are offered to be wildly authentic, reminding us we are artists, creating our life in the present. Most importantly Claire's message to us is that the importance of being held in community by a receptive tribe is sacred. Claire facilitates outlets expressing clarity to release concepts of separateness.“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”-quoteShe has a relationship to full body awareness, with two decades of ballet training/ choreography and as a ballet teacher. She is a certified yogini by SWASTHA yoga (yoga is a life practice on and off the mat), fine arts creator, sacred space facilitator, holistic lifestylist, childcare/children’s mentor, cacao server, Qi gong teacher, nutritional enthusiast, who is servicing the community with presence from the heart. “We are all in union and relationship, we gather with divine purpose. We are meant to meet, as a mirror reflection. Your truth is honored, you are embraced in the tribe!”

-Love, Claire

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