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Carrie Varela


Hi there!  My name is Carrie Varela and I am the founder of the Reiki Healing Society and co-host of the Reiki Women Podcasts.  I inspire people to connect to Spirit, Nature and their truest essence through Reiki and Yoga.

In my Reiki practice I have had the chance to offer thousands of Reiki treatments and have taught over 80 Reiki courses. I have worked with clients on diverse issues including emotional pain, physical pain, traumatic life events and deep healing crises like cancer. Reiki can help you to heal yourself naturally, raise your vibe, reduce anxiety, tap into wisdom and guidance and help you feel like yourself again.


I have had the wonderful privilege to study many diverse types of Reiki, including Tibetan/Usui Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, Jikiden Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho.


I work with Reiki enthusiasts, students and practitioners to help you gain confidence in your ability to use Reiki in your own healing process and to transmit it to others.


You can learn more about me and the Reiki Healing Society at

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