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Blessah was born and raised in Northern California. She began to practice yoga at the age of 19 when she became a student at Humboldt State University. As an athlete and dancer, she loved the movement and balance that yoga brought to her life. She has practiced many different forms of yoga over the last 24 years and finally settled on a 200 hour teacher training with Jonah Kest just last year in Costa Rica. The Kest Yoga Lineage is very special and she is proud to bring this dynamic and grounded practice to Humboldt County. Sometimes a teacher, and always a student, she carries her deep study of culture and music into each class to both uplift and bring peace. She has most recently become fascinated by frequency and will be utilizing resonance in her classes to further accentuate the healing potential in each and every one of us. An herbalist, songstress, and lover of travel, Blessah will combine her offerings with grace at every opportunity.


Certified Spiritual Healer
Professional Herbalist
Yoga Teacher, 200 hour YTT
Ceremonial Song Keeper

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