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Amelia Helene McLean


Amelia McLean has tapped into an intuitive shamanistic healing modality... She helps people to tune into their Chakra Energy System to determine if there are any stuck energies, chord attachments, dark entities, etc. If these things are left to fester for too long they can end up causing physical ailments in the body, unhealthy patterns in the mind or wounds of the spiritual kind. During sessions, Amelia helps guide the client through the healing and releasing process. Needless to say, people leave feeling much better than when they arrived. People have left sessions feeling relieved of physical ailments such as chronic back pain, asthma, clogged colon and endometriosis. This type of work is so deep and impactful because the power is really ultimately in the hands of the client. All healing is self-healing!

Heal your mind, body and soul from within!

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