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I go by AJ. My artist and teacher name is Bamidele Menchu Hotep. It is a combination of two African languages; Yoruba and Medu Neter. It means, "Follow Me Home To The Satisfaction of Supreme Peace." I teach an Afrocentric style of Yoga called Kemetic Yoga. I also practice and teach Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. I believe in the mind, body, and spirit healing potential of Yoga, and I teach and engage in Yoga with the specific purpose of activating the body's natural healing response and developing mental skills such as patience, perseverance, and concentration. I offer classes, workshops, group sessions, and private sessions. I also offer a service which I call Healing Coaching, specifically using a whole-food plant-based lifestyle, cleansing, therapeutic fasting, yoga, exercise, and Wholistic lifestyle practices. I Love being in Nature, spending time with Loved ones, holding sacred space, writing and reciting poetry, making music, and freestyling (rapping).

You can contact me with any questions about the above services and interests by email:,

by text 707-499-8441, or by following me on Instagram: @bamidele_555
Ankh Udjah Seneb Hotep

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